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Queen Of Shiba


In the heart of Yemen's societal challenges, I found inspiration for my series. I've captured the strength of women who, due to tradition, remain hidden behind veils. Despite this, they exude a powerful femininity, echoing the legendary Queen of Sheba's legacy. Using a blend of photography and creative hand painting techniques, I aimed to reveal both their beauty and the silent struggles they endure.


Each photoshoot was a battle against societal norms, tradition, and religion. In these moments, fear was present, but within it, I discovered an unyielding resilience.


This series isn't just about photographs; it's a tribute to the unbreakable spirit of Yemeni women. It celebrates their strength, beauty, and intelligence, despite attempts to erase their identity. I am profoundly inspired by these women, their silent battles, and their triumphant resilience. It's an honor to contribute to the artistic freedom and expression of Yemeni women, painting their stories on the canvas of global awareness.

Materials: Pencil, pigments, and Japanese Paper

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