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What About Us


In my ongoing series, "What About Us," I delve into the profound struggles faced by immigrants and minorities in the face of increasingly restrictive policies and targeted rhetoric. Through my art, I aim to shed light on the harsh realities endured by young individuals, whose promising futures are marred by the constant fear of status-related repercussions. The weight of living without secure legal standing, the perpetual anxiety about the next legislative move, and the continuous battle for basic rights such as education, employment, and residency forms the core of my artistic commentary. The travel ban, just one facet of this struggle, symbolizes a broader issue of injustice that transcends administrations. As I reflect on the upcoming challenges post-election and the uncertainties of 2021, I am compelled to protect the identities of these bright young souls, whose existence is unjustly criminalized by a system that should embrace and empower them. Through my work, I aim to question not only the policies that bind them but also the collective conscience of a society that must confront these pressing injustices head-on.

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