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Contemporary Archive

Contemporary Archive captures the essence of forgotten lives through painted-on prints of vintage photographs. Each image, originating from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, evokes the melancholy of old family photos found in secondhand shops. These portraits of anonymous American sitters are more than just relics; they are remnants of dreams, untold stories, and lost aspirations. Altered and painted directly on the image and forgotten archive material, this series delves into the forgotten narratives of American families. It serves as a metaphorical passage to the past, allowing viewers to travel through time and art. The images reflect not only the transient nature of memory but also the struggle faced amidst socio-political instability. These portraits, once cherished, now hang forgotten, like frames of old images, relics of an era, and stories left untold.

Materials: vintage photographs, pigments, ink, and rag paper

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