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Asiya Al Sharabi is a Yemeni-American visual artist whose work has gained recognition both nationally and internationally. Currently based in the US, she initiated her career as a journalist and photographer before shifting her focus to artistic photography. Her artistry is rooted in capturing the challenges faced by Middle Eastern women, young adults, and immigrants, a perspective that profoundly influences her creations.


Her unique artistic expression thrives through photography, hand-crafted alternative processes, and innovative techniques like collage and inverse negative prints. These methods not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of her creations but also delve into the profound struggles experienced by people. Through her art, Asiya explores the intricate interplay of politics, culture, and religion, shaping the identities of women, young adults and immigrants. She has been featured in various publications, including Richmond Magazine, PBS NewHour, and RVA Magazine.


Additionally, her artwork was showcased on the cover of Yemen Today magazine in celebration of International Women’s Day.


Born in Sana’a, Yemen

Resides and works in Richmond, Virginia, USA




Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, University of Sana’a, 1998

Art Teacher, Sana’a British School, 1997-1998

Journalist & Photographer, Yemen Observer Newspaper, Yemen, 1999 - 2005

Volunteer Photographer, Yemeni Special Olympics, 2006 - 2009



Selected solo exhibitions:


2019        Trumperie & The Immigrant, International Gallery Centre, University of Rich, VA

2018        Trumperie & The Immigrant, Jane Sandelin Gallery, Artworks, Rich, VA

2017        Queen of Sheba, Art Works Gallery, Rich, VA

2017        The Immigrant & Butterfly, Rennolds Art Gallery, Rich, VA


Selected group exhibitions:


2020        The Poetry of Persistence, Gloucester Arts, Rich, VA

2019        UnBound8, Candela Books + Gallery, Rich, VA

2019        WCVE And Me, Crossroad Art Center, Rich, VA

2019        Stories Never Told, University Of Michigan, Dearborn, MI

2019        Stories Never Told, University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

2019        Stories Never Told, Arab American National Museum, MI

2018        Executive (Dis) Order, Queens Museum, NY

2018        Realism And Beyond, Rawls Museum Arts, VA

2018        Before We Were Banned, East Of West Gallery, NM

2017        Before We Were Banned, ArtHelix Gallery, NY

2017        Full Of Hope, Areej Gallery, Canada


2017        All Media Show, ArtWorks Gallery, Rich, VA

2016        UnBound5, Candela Books + Gallery, Rich, VA

2016        All Media Show, ArtWorks Gallery, Rich, VA

2016        All Media Show, ArtWorks Gallery, Rich, VA

2016        All Media Show, ArtWorks Gallery, Rich, VA

2016        Butterfly, ArtWorks Gallery, Rich, VA

2010        Words Of Eyes, National Museum, Yemen

2010        Trapped In Heaven, French Cultural Centre, Yemen


2010        Packaging, French Cultural Centre, Yemen


2010.       A Treasure Trove, National Museum, Yemen


2009.       A Treasure Trove, Total Art Gallery, Dubai


2009        My Father’s House, Local Exhibition, Bahrain


2009.       Hands Into Art, National Museum, Yemen


2009.       Queen Of Sheba, Yemen Embassy, Peniche Anako, France


2005.        Old Sana’a, Korean Art Centre, Yemen







2017         Honorable Mention, All Media Show, ArtWorks Gallery, Rich, VA

2016         Second Place, All Media Show, ArtWorks Gallery, Rich, VA



Residencies & Grants:


2016        Anderson Ranch Artist-In-Residence Program, CO

2016        Beirut Art Residence, Lebanon

2009        Cultural Leadership International Program, British Council

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