In this series i collected vintage cards of an old american families photographs and

have been modernized by a personal touch of art. 

So many lives forgotten: from a young child, to a married couple, to an old woman. All of them had dreams, all of them posed to be photographed. All of them had stories to tell. While i was doing this project i realized that i was both " archivist and an artist.

2016-2022 ∂Ꚃǐ𝞬∂ ∂꜖Ꚃի∂𝙧∂ᑲǐ  

Contemporary Archive

Lollipop  Fashion
Abstract Promises
As We Exhale Slowly
My Sense Of Security
In My Cadaverous Cheeks
A Pulse
Abstract Fashion
Perhaps Its A Second Life
Now Close Your Eyes
Back To The Future

Heading 1