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What About Us

This work is part of a series still in progress. I observe as immigrants and minorities from all walks of life are continuously having to reconcile new restrictions through targeted rhetoric and legislation. On a professional level, I am continuously attempting to use my art as a way of commenting on these hardships. Most recently the struggle that is the primary focus of my art details the terrible effects these stresses have on the youth. To be young and not have status, always looking over your back, worried about what authorities or politically motivated legislation will affect you next. It is so difficult to see someone with all the promise of youth be so harshly judged and handicapped just because of a mere stamp on papers. The travel ban is only one issue among many others: getting residences, work permits, driver’s licenses, access to education at all levels. So many basic needs that are taken for granted by many US residents are so difficult for others. Many of these restrictions were just as hard under prior administrations.

I can’t help wondering: aside from the travel ban, what other obvious injustices will be challenged after this election? and how 2021 will look like! I am struck by the fact that I had to hide the identities of bright youth against a system that rejects and criminalizes them for existing.

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