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In the beginning of 2018 I was diagnosed with anxiety and severe depression.

Months later, my mother passed away, and my world collapsed!

I started  questioning what life would be without her, questioning my worth grappling with this new reality, and who I am after this loss.

But I realized that I would never fill my mother's void, it simply wouldn't happen. Instead, I must find other ways to connect to my inner self and fill in her loss.

That was when I dropped myself into painting art-making , without worrying too much about having a single art style.

I thought of it as an expression of my inner self ... in another word "healing process."

Painting enabled me to perceive beyond the tangible, it emancipated my mind & soul, allowed me to explore into unknown areas, and liberated me. At the same time I began taking Expressive Arts therapy with my coach who helped me awaken my child's imagination and creativity to discover who I am and how to engage with my senses.

When I was hesitant and worried about the lack of style in abstract painting, she told me “You can not put your soul in a certain box, let it travel everywhere and in all different places, be the unboxable artist”.

In conclusion,

"Our beloved mothers will always continue to be our inspiration and the light at the end of every dark tunnel".

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