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Contemporary Archive

In this project “Contemporary Archive”, painted-on prints of old photographs Of anonymous American sitters, evokes the wistfulness of old family photos In a secondhand shop. So many lives are forgotten from a young child, to a married couple, to an old woman. All of them had dreams, all of them posed to photographed. All of them had stories to tell. This series delves into the story beyond the American families. It has been altered & painted directly on the image and on the forgotten archive material that has been lapsed from memory. It’s a metaphor for finally being able to go somewhere through the past and through art. It's also a reflection of the struggle and experience of drift and restraint int he face of socio-political instability. It's an expression of how you feel if the world starts treating you as a frame of an old image that no longer exists except on the roof of an antique shop or as an outdated story for entertainment!


So many lives forgotten, so many posed to be photographed but behind the scene all of them had stories to tell...

The images range from the late 1800’s to the early 1900s.


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