I saw it the Middle East, I fear we will see it in the U.S, women taking step backwards, it starts with self censorship, war erupts, and then its fear for your life, cover up and run. When leaders made a decision to go to war, the result was devastating, the homes were destroyed, and women went back to their tents and covered up, fearing death and persecution. I feel that president Trump will take the U.S to battles where there is no winners, I fear that women rights will be hijacked and will take steps backwards!

She is a strong powerful women, the election stripped this power from her and she is melting into the back ground, thats something everywoman feel. 2016 election is taking steps back in history as far as women rights, almost they feel their power and voices are being pushed to the shadow, neglected again, and the voices are not being heard specially minority. 

So the question is: How women are going to respond?


2016-2022 ∂Ꚃǐ𝞬∂ ∂꜖Ꚃի∂𝙧∂ᑲǐ