∂Ꚃǐ𝞬∂ ∂꜖Ꚃի∂𝙧∂ᑲǐ  


Many times I feel I am three artists in one body:


* An artist who is inspired by her self, and nothing in the outside world inspires her.


I dig inside myself and then it comes out.


I don't get influenced from the outside world, because my life is full of mystery and chapters.

 I constantly explore my own identity through every piece of art I make.​


*An artist who is good in connecting with people,

in digging in their soul and mind, who is always exploring and who is eager to see, learn,

and practice new things.


*An artist who is extremely affected by women's history, by their struggle,

by their pain, and by their ups & downs,

and how the effect of culture and religion played a big role in shaping their identity.


I feel them, because I lived with them most of my life,

they are my mother, relatives, friends, and neighbors.

They are my history, my mirror, and a big reflection of who I am today.​


Asiya Al-Sharabi is a Yemeni artist, based in U.S. She started as a photojournalist in Yemen before shifting to Art. As a Middle Eastern female artist, she faced many challenges as a photographer, but she has turned her lens to Fine Art Photography in an effort to capture the energy and personality of Arab women who are, through cultural strictures, not allowed to be photographed. She uses a self-developed technique  (Photography and painting) that expresses and focuses not only on aesthetics, but also on the underlying struggles of women surrounded by the world. Her work questions the effect of culture and religion on female identity and brings both personal and political perspectives to her art which illuminates her experience becoming an immigrant in the U.S.

Asiya's work challenges the story beyond each artwork she creates.


As she observes immigrants and minorities from all walks of life are continuously having to reconcile new restrictions through targeted rhetoric and legislation.

On a professional level, she continuously attempting to use her art as a way of commenting on these hardships.


Asiya's work has been exhibited in The Middle East, Europe, and The United States


Worked For


Photographer for Yemen Observer newspaper

Photographer for Yemen Today Magazine.

Volunteer photographer for Yemeni Special Olympics.

Photographed for the International Library of photography book “Visual Inspiration”






2016, Created a workshop with Syrian children in a refugee camp in Tripoli, documenting their dreams and aspirations. 

2016, Photography & New Media, Anderson Ranch Art Centre.

2015, Joined Art Works Centre.

2015, The Digital Work Flow (VMFA), USA.

2015, Advanced digital photography, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, USA.

2010, Nabil Boutros, conversation with society, Paris, Yemen.

2010, British Council, Dubai, Paris, London, Egypt.

2009, Alfons ALT Shadowing, Sana’a Yemen.

2009, On job training, Karim Ben Khelifa, Sana’a Yemen.

2009, Hazel Thomson photography workshop, Bahrain. 

2007, Andreas Rost workshop,  Sana’a Yemen. 

2005, Tim Smith workshop, Sana’a Yemen.

Solo Exhibition
2019, "Trumperie & The Immigrant", International Gallery Centre, University Of Richmond.
2018, Trumperie & The Immigrant", Jane Sandelin Gallery, Art Works, VA.

2017,  "Queen Of Sheba", Art Works Gallery, Richmond VA.

2017,  "Trumperie", Jane Sandelin Gallery, RVA.

2017, "aSIYA" The Immigrant & The Butterfly" Rennolds Art Gallery, St. Catherine's School, Richmond VA.


Selected Group Exhibitions
2020, The Poetry Of Persistence, Gloucesterarts, VA

2019, UnBound8, Candela Books + Gallery, Richmond, VA

2019, WCVE And Me, Crossroad Art Centre, VA

2019, Stories Never Told, University Of Michigan-Dearborn USA. 

2019, Stories Never Told, University Of Michigan-Ann Arbor USA. 

2019, Stories Never Told, Arab American National Museum, Michigan USA.

2018, Executive (Dis)Order: Art, Displacement & the Ban, Queens Museum, NY.

2018, Realism And Beyond, Rawls Museum Arts, Court land, VA. 

2018, Before We Were Banned, East Of West Gallery, New Mexico

2017, Before We Were Banned, ArtHelix Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2017, Full Of Hope, Areej Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

2016, UnBound5, Candela Books + Gallery, Richmond, VA

2016, Art Works, All Media show #2, Richmond VA.

2016, Art Works, All Media show, Richmond VA.

2015, Art Works Centre, Richmond VA.

2010,  Words Of Eyes; National Museum Yemen.   

2010, Trapped in heaven, French Cultural Centre, Yemen.

2010, Packaging, French Cultural Centre, Yemen.

2010, A treasure trove National Museum, Yemen.

2010, A treasure trove, Brussels.

2009,  A treasure trove, Total Art Gallery, Dubai, U. A. E.

2009, My father’s house, local exhibition, Bahrain.

2009,  Hands into Art, National Museum, Yemen.

2009,  The Queen Of Sheba, Peniche Anako, Sien river, Paris.

2005,  Old Sana’a, Korean Art Centre, Yemen. 

Awards and Recognitions:

2017,  Honorable Mention, All Media Show, ArtWorks Gallery, Richmond,VA.

2016,  Second Place, All Media Show, ArtWorks Gallery, Richmond, VA.


In April 2010, Asiya's photo "Fear" was featured on the front cover of the Yemen Today magazine celebrating "International Women's Day"

In 2009-2010 she was selected as the first Yemeni women to represent Yemen at the British Council first Cultural Leadeship International program. 

In 2013 she moved to the USA because of the current war in her country, Yemen.  

In 2016, during a workshop at "Anderson Ranch Art Centre" Colorado, she developed a series combining a digital and handmade technique, and was selected as the first Yemeni woman to participate at their residency program. 

Also in 2016, Asiya was selected to attend the Beirut Art Residency in Lebanon.  In Lebanon, Asiya felt inspired by her surroundings and determined to work on several projects. When she encountered women in the Bekaa valley who refused to be photographed, Asiya moved the lens of her camera to capture their feet instead. Also during her time at the residency, she organized a workshop with Syrian children in a refugee camp in Tripoli, documenting their dreams and aspirations. 

Asiya also was featured in Richmond Magazine, in November 9, 2017.  The article about her life and work can be accessed online at https://rvamag.com/art/rva-30-slow-death-inside-slow-death-outside-the-art-of-asiya-al-sharabi.html.   Other articles and video about Asiya can be found through an online search. 


2016, Anderson Ranch Artist-In-Residence Program, Colorado.

2016, Beirut Art Residence, Lebanon.