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The Abstract Immigrant_edited.jpg
The Abstract Immigrant.jpg

Many times I feel I am three artists in one body:
* An artist who is inspired by herself, and nothing in the outside world inspires her ”I dig inside myself and then it comes out”. I don't get influenced by the outside world, because my life is full of mystery, events and chapters. I constantly exploring my own identity through every piece of art I make.​

*An artist who is good in connecting with people, in digging in their soul and mind, who is always exploring and who is eager to see, learn, and practice new things.

*An artist who is extremely affected by women's history, by their struggle, by their pain, and by
their ups & downs, and how the effect of culture and religion played a big role in shaping their

I feel them, because I lived with them most of my life,
They are my relatives, friends, neighbors and mother.
They are my history, my mirror, and a big reflection of who I am today.​

Asiya Al Sharabi is a Yemeni visual artist whose practice revolves around capturing the moment, documenting it, understanding the roots of her subject and transforming it into art. Asiya is a self taught artist, and has Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Sana'a Yemen. She started as a photojournalist, then shifted to the art scene detailed and descriptive.
As a Middle Eastern female artist, she faced many challenges during her career, but she has also turned her lens to art photography to capture the energy and personality of Arab women who are, through cultural
structures, sometimes not allowed to be photographed.
She uses a self-developed technique combining photography, hand painting, and occasionally collage or inverse negative prints that focuses on both aesthetics and the underlying struggles of women from around the world.
Her work questions the effect of politics, culture and religion on female identity.


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